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Amcast is a premium custom wear part company that produces crushing equipments are unparalleled performance, durability, and reliability. 


Brand extension 
Campaign direction and social templates 
Conference booth & collateral
Event experience way-finding

Studio: Four Fin Creative
Lead Designer: Chiao Huang
Brand Strategist: Rebecca Tall Brown

Creative Director: Jen Derks

Refresh the space with futurism infographic

Amcast came to us to refresh their conference booth for CONCEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 conference. They had requested something that's more future-forward or futurism look and feel to stand out from their typical industry beefy/heavy/crunchy type of look and feel. Despite everyone bringing their giant equipment to the conference, we suggest going for the opposite route of fine-tuning the museum's look and feel. In addition, including small 3D models to increase the interactive experience and help the sales process.

Extension: New ads direction

After the conference, AMCAST came back with a request to also refresh their existing ads. We refreshed the campaign ads and provide the direction in both digital and print formats. 

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