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I'm Chiao, a Taiwanese designer who addicted to culture, performing, and space based in San Diego

life’s single lesson: that there is more accident to it than a man can admit to in a lifetime, and stay sane― Thomas Pynchon. As a designer, I expect randomness because that's where the opportunities come, that's where to learn. In the design game, I am most passionate about exhibit/space design due to my scuba diving childhood. The dynamism and scale underwater are distinctive and I have adopted it as my major design taste!


Besides design, you can call me a muralist/scuba diver/coffee nerd/adventurist/plant and dog lover. If you are looking for someone positive and with high energy to power you or your team up, let’s chat!

Carry Proud From

Callifornia College of The Arts

B.F.A Graphic Design

CCA Scholarship Exhibition

SeaCreatures -16.png
SeaCreatures -21.png

The Current  Chapter

SeaCreatures -19.png

The Past  Chapters

Currently making waves with Four Fin Creative in San Diego

I had amazing experience at ServiceNow(Santa Clara), Prophet(New York), Oh!bot(Taiwan),  *TBD(San Francisco), Paper Culture(Millbare), SPRO coffee Lab(San Francisco)

Let's start the conversation 

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Send a message to me Here!

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