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Collide Capital

Collide Capital is a VC firm founded by two people of color Aaron Samuels and Brian Hollins located in New York. Collide has specialized in four founder ecosystems: Academia, Industry, Venture, and Culture.


Brand identity
Social templates
Digital and print collaterals

Studio: Four Fin Creative
Lead Designer: Chiao Huang
Brand Strategist: Rebecca Tall Brown

Creative Director: Macoe Swett

The propper professionalism 

"The next generation of founding teams will be diverse across geography, gender, race, and professional experience. They will be intersectional in nature and will demand that their investors be equivalently so."–Collide Capital. Aaron and Brian came to Four Fin and ask something professional but speak to its community(no typical VC or corporate branding). In addition, including the idea of collision and intersection. 

Visualize the equal access and diversity

Following the idea of intersection, we have developed the visual base on the narrative of the subway that carries diversity and equal opportunity. The flexibility of the subway map enables Collide to expand on its four specialties and both digital and print collaterals. 

Personal matter: Empowering the colors

These are actual outcomes from the clients. They have taken the brand package that we deliver and expand beyond. As an Asian designer, I was able to see other people of colors do the works that inspired others. It was my pleasure to be a part of this project. 

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