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Electrified Thermal Solutions

Electrified Thermal Solutions is a renewable energy Semiconductor Manufacturer located in Medford, Massachusetts. The main product of ETS is a thermal battery, Joule Hive that transfers energy into heat with its innovative technology.


Brand Identity Package
Web guide
Collateral Templates
Powerpoint Deck

Studio: Four Fin Creative
Lead Designer: Chiao Huang

Creative Director: Macoe Swett

The Process: Finding the creative modularity

The brick has strong modularity that can function as a single unit or stack and turn into a 45-meter thermal tower. Then the question is how can we be simple as brick and modular but creative at the same time throughout the brand. On the other hand, ETS has a pretty long name. 

We approach the brand with the idea of modularity(brick), electrifying(name), and transferring(heat). We then delivered a brand that's not only bold and bright but flexible and speaks to its central product.

Expand the modularity to the web

Continuing with the idea of modular creativity, the bright electric color helps stand out among many competitors. The modular characteristic of the brick can be applied in various pleases such as image masks, backgrounds, footers, patterns, and more. 

The Ideas of Graveland

We all know designers create many sh*t to impress people. The Ideas of Graveland is the place to remember those Ideas who devoted their life to the initial design round. Although some of them become zombies and come out to serve again...

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