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Inlyte Energy

Inlyte Energy is a group of thoughtful scientists who develop reliable grid batteries made from naturally abundant and inexpensive raw materials: iron and salt. While the price of solar and wind energy falls, so must the expense of batteries used for grid storage. 


Brand Identity Package
Social Assets

Web Landing Page
2D Animation

Studio: Four Fin Creative
Lead Designer: Chiao Huang

Creative Director: Jen Derks

The Challenge: The balance between rational and irrational.

The founder Antonio Bacligio doesn't shy away from being a nerd. The team approached us with an existing and very literal brand identity. While they care about science, human and kind are as important as their culture. Humanity(hand) is one of the most important elements they care about. In addition, they would love to see some scientific-related elements with a thoughtful consideration mindset in the brand. There is an irrational and rational subject mix happening here. Our challenge is to find a good balance to push creativity also showcasing logic, consideration, and thoughtfulness. 

Logic and Joy. We are all the same.

While we work hard in the creative field, we also enjoy the process of creating. Same goes to team Inlyte. Scientific method requires a logic as a system for properly arranging, but also there is also experimenting with the unknowing result. That is the joy for the team Inlyte. With that mentality, we were able to push the creativity throughout the brand. 

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