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Pilot Energy

Pilot Energy is an energy brokerage that located in San Diego. While the environment has crisis, Pilot has input for the sustainable energy source. They help clients navigate and land sustainable, sophisticated solutions from procurement through administration.


Brand identity package
Digital and print collaterals, swags

Web design

Studio: Four Fin Creative
Lead Designer: Chiao Huang
Brand Strategist: Rebecca Tall Brown

Creative Director: Macoe Swett

When green meets the Southern California energy horizon

Pilot has requested something that is flexible to work with their other affiliates and something that reflects the southern California energy horizon. On top of that, they would like to make sure green energy has enough spotlight in their brand. We created the Brand Strategy, identity, website, and various pieces to help them succeed in the goal. 

Identity system and web in play

We redesign the website with the new identity. The particular challenge we faced is the large amount of content. The solution was to apply the toggle function to hide/unhide the irrelevant content and be more specific to different types of audiences. The site also contains a certain amount of animation that helps break down the large blocks of text. 

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