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SPRO coffee lab is an SF local coffee shop that serves specialty craft coffee, experimental mocktails, inventive eats, and artisanal goods using advanced techniques in culinary food science. They are located in SPARK Social and Church and 17th.


Brand extension (Illustrations, Icons)
Digital and print collaterals, swags
Social media templates

Anthony Quiatchon (Original logo)
Chiao Huang (icons, campaign, brand extension)
Jeffery Chang (photography)
Liza Otanes (strategy)

One of the fun projects

This is an ongoing project starting in 2018. The projects for SPRO coffee lab include icons and graphics for social media and e-coms sites, product packaging, signage, events campaigns both print and digital, identity rendering, and building a brand visual system. 

The first paid designe job

"Chiao has help design a number of visual pieces for SPRO Coffee Lab during its early-stages including layout design for event flyers, promotional posters, coffee bean labels, logo rendering for our series of graphic tees as well as being our first artist in our artist collaboration series. He has displayed his ability and passion to creatively communicate our brand to our target market on a visual, intellectual and emotional level".

From the 001 to design

I was the first employee/barista in the whole cafe 3 years ago. Back in the time, the cafe is a food truck located in SPARK Social Mission Bay(San Francisco, CA). I have seen this cafe's up and down including shut down because of the COVID pandemic. It's one of those projects that is a tight budget, short of resources, and time crunch. It's my pleasure to design for them and to see this business evolve. 

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